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If you are interested in attracting a big financially solvent audience, the placement of advertising banners on will become an efficient investment.

You can find the cost of placing and promotion of plans, as well as the cost of designer and builder promotion, here

Requirements to a banner:
Image size: 225х675px.
Extension: JPEG or PNG (static),
Maximum size of a file: no more than 260 Kb 260 Kb.

Requirements to the content and design of banners. Advertising banners, which are not allowed for the placement:

  • 1. Contradict the provisions of the current legislation;
  • 2. Contain knowingly false data about a product or service;
  • 3. Incorrect towards third parties, including competitors
  • 4. Contain abusive words, offense and / or erotic materials and advocacy of violence, discrimination related to gender, nationality, religion, and social status;
  • 5. There are physical irritators

  • The website administration reserves the right to refuse the placement of banners, which do not match the placement requirements of All Projects

    On our website, we can offer you the placement of advertising banners in the following positions:

    For advertising, please contact by e-mail: Describe the nature of your activity, specify the banner position of interest to you and the desired number of impressions, and we will jointly discuss all the conditions for conducting an advertising campaign to make it as effective as possible for your company

    We are also willing to consider all options for cooperation your suggestion

    For advertising, please contact by e-mail Specify the type of advertising that you have chosen, describe the type of your activity, and we will discuss all conditions of advertising, paign to make it as effective as possible for you

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