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    Plan number 47559532

    • Total area:

      508 m2
    • Wall material:

    • Number of stories:




    Bried description of an order:

    Cost: 690€


    buyer-full project-1

    • Total area:

      190 m2
    • Wall material:

      Brick, Concrete, Wood, Frame, Aerated concrete, Foam block, Ceramic Blocks
    • Number of stories:




    Bried description of an order:

    There are two fundamentally different approaches to creating a project for your lady. First, create a project from scratch by ordering a project for your goals and fantasies from professionals. This option will reflect all your ideas as much as possible, but it will be expensive. The second option is more economical. This is to buy a ready-made project, picking it up as much as possible to suit your wishes and needs. You can see more than 400 finished projects on the website https://akvilonpro.ua/ru, of the company "Aquilon". There is a third option for creating a project - it is to buy a ready-made project and adjust it to fit your goals. Perhaps this option will be optimal, combining low cost, speed of creation and good adaptation to your needs. The finished house project is one of the options for choosing a project for future construction. Unlike ordering an individual project, a finished project is cheaper, even taking into account the necessary and required changes. Let's take a look and understand what should be included and what the finished house project looks like. What is included in the finished house project The main criterion by which you can call a house project ready, or otherwise a worker, is that according to this project you can completely build a house from the bottom (foundation) to the top (roof). At the same time, the built house will be ready for living. The finished project of the house includes complete information about the architecture of the house, about its structures, about engineering communications, both external and internal. In addition, the project should include an estimate of the necessary materials and an estimate of construction work, a list of equipment for the installation of utilities. Read: Choose a project for building a house. Contents of the finished project drawings To show what the finished house project looks like, I took as an example a working project of a house with an area of ​​537.2 sq. meters, the so-called building volume, the house has 2 floors. Usually, a finished project involves the availability of electrical drawings from the engineering part and an estimate for materials and work. They are not in this project. As a rule, an electrician and an estimate are made when editing a project according to the requirements of a particular customer.

    Cost: 877€

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